New job, new hassles...?

Ok, so I'm an EMC SAN Engineer. For those of you who know what that is, cool. For those that don't, a basic synopsis is this: I work with large storage arrays, to which servers connect (mainly via fibre, occasionally via scsi). It's a great deal more complicated than that, but I don't have time to fill in ALL the details. Anyhow I've been doing this for about 6 years now, so in all that time you'd think I have a fairly good grasp on what I do for a living. Now, I've just quit my old job because I wasn't being allowed to DO my job. That is a VERY long story I'm not going to go into here. Yesterday I put in a service request with EMC to dial into our system, and get me a report on how many hard drives we have, and how many more we can put into the box. We're getting to the point where we're almost out and I have two sets of software that give me two different answers to that question, so I wanted EMC to verify so I could figure out which was right.

My boss appears to have named himself the 'primary contact' so naturally before they dialled in they called him. Now typically a manager doesn't get THAT involved. He wants to know if there are problems, how/when they'll be fixed and what caused them. And he typically wants to know that from ME, not from the vendor. Anyhow he gets the call, and immediately comes into my cube. Our conversation goes something like this:

Boss: Steve I thought we had this all clarified. No changes to production systems during the day.
Me: Um...what change? I didn't make any changes to the system.
Boss: You called EMC and escalated it to their service manager!
(The above is not true. The EMC tech escalated it, without telling me.).

Me: Whoa. I didn't escalate anything. It's true I opened up a case, but that's my job.
Me; Again, I wasn't making, or asking anyone ELSE to make a change. I wanted EMC to dial in and collate some information for me. No changes were being done.
Boss: The act of dialling into the system is, in itself, a change.
Me: Ok, you're the boss. But would you mind telling me just what it is I CAN do outside the hours of 3am-6am?
Boss: Continue what you've been doing. Document the system and suggest changes to it.
Me: THAT'S WHAT I'M TRYING TO DO!!! I CAN'T document the system when the software was installed incorrectly, you won't let me RE-install it, and I'm getting two sets of answers to my queries about WHAT is IN the system.
Boss: Well do the best you can.
Me: Ok. Expect flawed data. That's the best I can do.
Boss: Maybe we should have EMC dial in.
Me: Sure. That's what I wanted to do in the first place.
Boss: Ok, I'll put in a change request for it, and Thursday at 3am they can dial in. You'll of course need to be the contact person for this. But since you have 2 other changes to do that night you'll already be awake.
Me: Yes. I know.
Boss: So, no changes during production hours right?
Me: you're the boss.

Now...this is one of the most OBNOXIOUS forms of micromanagement I have come across. And frankly I'm thinking I should re-start the job search. But I'll give it a little time, I've only been there 3 weeks, and who knows...maybe it'll get better. Or maybe I'll be able to get the guy to see that merely STARTING THE SOFTWARE doesn't imply a change. *rolls eyes*
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Well hot DAMN! The Eagles lost. Since I work in Philadelphia that means I no longer have to listen to anymore friggin' crap about how good they are. Now, all I have to do is hope Carolina beats New England and my football season won't have been a COMPLETE loss. ;)

Happy Birthday to me

Well today was my 34th birthday. All in all not a bad day. Don't feel any older, but what the heck, at least I made it. ;) Anyhow nothing really interesting to report about. Rugrat was a complete brat this morning, which sorta set the tone for my day. And it's cold and snowing which is also annoying. Ah well. Hope everyone's havin' a good one. :)
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Top 10 annoyances in my life.

1. My Wife's SO (anyone who wants to know can ask, I don't feel like explaining here)
2. Work
3. Women who wear flip-flop sandals with business attire
4. The ENTIRE city of Philadelphia
5. Job Hunting
6. 90% of the people I work with (of the other 10% only about 2% are people I LIKE)
7. Not having time to spend with the wife and kid (see #2)
8. 24 hour work days
9. Scheduling conflicts
10. Just about every driver on the road but me. Which is egocentric of me to say the least, but nevertheless true.

Top 10 ways to louse up a relationship by acting like a child:

1. Throw tantrums until you get your way.
2. Once you GET your way throw tantrums again for no justifiable reason
3. Snipe at people who've done nothing to you. Throw tantrums when your SO doesn't agree with you.
4. Throw tantrums until you get your way again.
5. Bitch incessantly about stupid shit
6. Insist the stupid shit is important.
7. Throw tantrums until you get your SO to agree the stupid shit is important
8. Constantly cry to get your SO to do what you want (see, #1)
9. Spend 5 days with your SO, then bitch when your SO wants to spend a little time with someone else.

And lastly:

10. Whine about how your life sucks, but do nothing to make it better.

Come back often for advice, tips, and hints on relationships!
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